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CCANDCO.LOVE is a Talent and Creative Agency bringing thought-provoking, engaging and creative collaborations to life through talent partnerships. 



Established by Corey Cooper, with more than 20 years’ experience in entertainment and management here in Australia and internationally. Corey has cultivated influential and important relationships within in the industry and continues to do so in our ever-changing media landscape. CC AND CO was created in an effort to do things differently, with openness, transparency and great conversations. We want working with us to be a true collaborative experience. Why?
Because we love you.


Is all about you, our community and the collaboration between our brands and partners and our CC AND CO Talent. No conversation is too big or too small to understand your needs, your success is our success when it comes to talent and brand collaborations.



Because we can…. We don’t want to be just another We have always liked being a little different in our approach and to stand out from the crowd. We want to bring a bit of love into everything we do. It is important not to forget life is meant to be beautiful so let’s be kind to each other and always try to put our best foot forward.




Chef, Author & Co-Owner Three Blue Ducks & Rocker Bondi

When Daz is not foraging or surfing, he’s in the kitchen cooking, fermenting, pickling, testing new recipes or home brewing he’s with his fiancée – meteorologist, journalist, and food author, Magdalena Roze, and sons, Archie and Charlie. Darren has started producing his own YouTube series The Pretty Good Feed using local produce and locations around his home in Byron Bay. Daz also owns Rocker in North Bondi, influenced by British roots, the menu is European in style and evolves around produce with an added Rocker twist.




Finance & Lifestyle Expert, Author
& SugarMamma TV

Canna is a regular financial expert on The Today Show, Today Extra & Today Weekend as well as 2GB. Her videos are also covered by the Daily Mail on a fortnightly basis and is the author of 2 bestselling books; The 1000 Dollar Project and Mindful Money. Canna and her partner Tom live in Bondi with their 2 kids and 2 dogs, all of which you see regularly in educational and inspiring content. Canna has really embraced the spirit of mindful living.

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Food Entrepreneur, Writer, Author

Meteorologist, Journalist and TV Presenter.

Magdalena is an award-winning Journalist, Meteorologist, Food Writer, Cook Book author and co-creator of cult “chefs” spread “Oomite.” After completing a BA (Media and Communication) and a Graduate Diploma in Atmospheric Science her career began in television working as a producer before moving on screen. Magdalena worked as a  Presenter and Meteorologist for over ten years on TV including co-hosting The Project, covering two Olympic Games, reading news and weather on both breakfast and prime-time bulletins and these days is a regular guest on SBS Food. 

Passionate about food and cooking, she released her cook book Happy and Whole, based on her popular recipe blog. She has also been a food reviewer for guides including SMH Good Food Guide, Delicious Magazine and Kitchen Confidential.  In 2020, Magdalena garnered the attention of the country’s best chefs and food media for her cult food product “Oomite”, a premium, real ingredient umami and tasty mite spread.




Reigning Miss Universe Australia, Keynote Speaker and Mental Health Advocate.

Daria is the reigning Miss Universe Australia 2021. Apart from a very successful career in modelling, Daria is also a keynote speaker, has her own podcast Pretty Anxious and is a vocal advocate for youth and mental health issues. 

Daria is also very passionate about her work with people with disabilities and has volunteered from a young age for many mental health and disabilities charities, giving a voice to those who sometimes struggle to be heard. Her social media platforms showcase her love for fashion, health and fitness, lifestyle and  various advocacies she supports. 

Daria was named one of Yahoo Finance’s Top 21 Health and Wellness Influencers of 2021/2 and  is currently working with brands such as;  Bohemian Skin, EVY, Seamless 1 Extensions and Eimele Nutrition. 



Interior Designer, TV Personality & Emcee

When Kyly is not busy designing homes for her clients or on TV she can be found at the gym, whipping up scrumptious meals in her kitchen or playing Go-Karts with her Brother and Father. A Motorsport enthusiast from way back, she enjoys taking her Go Kart out for a spin on her days off.




TV Personality, Nutritionist, Author & LGBTQI+ Champion

Rosie is best known for her light-hearted and charming style of TV Presenting on Channel 10’s long running afternoon treat, Good Chef Bad Chef which is now in its 5th season alongside Adrian Richardson as the resident Nutritionist.

Rosie is a factual entertainment presenter and producer with 10+ years of experience in front of and behind the camera. A confident and experienced presenter with interests that include, food and lifestyle / sport / LGBTIQ+ and current affairs. 

Rosie is a champion and ally for a variety of youth focused LGBTIQ+ and mental health charities. Both causes are close to her heart.



EQ Minds, Mental Health Advocate & Keynote Speaker

Founder and Director of EQ MINDS, Chelsea Pottenger is an accredited Mindfulness + Meditation coach, a Psychology student of Adelaide University, a Mental Health Ambassador for R U OK? and a woman on a mission.

For 12 years Chelsea worked in the corporate world and then a life adversity happened. After her life reboot, Chelsea commenced her studies in Psychology.
Her clients range from the big four banks, to tech companies like Uber and Ebay, Estee Lauder and
The Australian Defence Force to name a few.




Comedian, Podcaster & Content Creator

When Ash isn’t coming to you live via IG at a Daniel Andrews presser, Ash appears on television on shows such as; The Today Show, The Morning Show, The Project, Studio 10, ABC’s Dirty Laundry LIVE, ABC’s political show ‘National Wrap’, bringing his unique commentary to life in peoples homes. Ash also creates content with a comedic a spin for our brands and partners.